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RECENT PROJECT: Network and Internet Extension

One of our regular clients approached us about extending their network and internet. Being a rural property this was a unique opportunity across kilometres, with an inconveniently placed hill...

When you run a property in a valley, you face two major challenges in developing and maintaining internet and network infrastructure. Firstly, there's the distance and line of sight. This is a challenge for any rural property utilising technology to enhance their operations. But this project had an additional challenge. The internet tower was in the next valley over - on the other side of the mountain.

This is the sort of project we really enjoy. It's the challenge of making technology work how you need it in a unique environment.

Our client, initially had to work with NBN Co to establish a solar powered communications shed on the top of the mountain between these valleys. While this site allowed the internet to be repeated down to the office on the property, they still faced issues with it dropping out due to weather, maintenance or an unexpected fault, and it was not able to be seen from the whole valley.

We developed a network infrastructure plan that ensured the right devices were implemented across the whole valley to allow for redundancies and ensure all necessary areas were able to connect into a wireless "backbone" that spanned the whole valley, going around the ridges and over the hills as necessary. In utilising a combination of Ubiquiti and Teltonika equipment, this network is built on quality and able to be centrally managed.

Now our client's work operations can be carried out with a system that is reliable and stable, at speeds that do not impact on staff performance. The results? Improved productivity and a springboard from which to continue to grow and innovate.

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