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Managed Service Plans

At IT Resolve we understand that you don't want to be focused on keeping technology working in your business. You'd rather be working to grow the business you've put so much thought, time and effort into. 

With that in mind, we've endeavoured to simplify your IT support costs so the 'necessary evil' of technology actually supports your mission, rather than hindering it. We offer 4 levels of support that can be mixed and matched to create your tailored IT support package.

Call Center Employee


If you find you don't often need IT support, but you do appreciate knowing you have a trusted expert on the end of the phone, this is for you.

  • No specific monthly commitment

  • Help on an 'as needs' basis

  • Access to helpdesk to report issues and track progress of tickets

  • Remote support on onsite visit (as needed)

Hourly rate: $132

Onsite Callout Fee: $132 (Sunshine Coast, Gympie, Brisbane, Ipswich, Toowoomba, Gold Coast)

                                $264 (Regional Areas - Western Downs, Granite Belt)

Please enquire if you are unsure which category your locations would fall into.

General Services


Tired of seeing lots of little payments come out of your credit card, usually with very little description, and not really knowing if you have the right number of licences? We can consolidate your IT subscriptions into one simple, monthly, itemised invoice. This system is easily scalable to change with the shape of your business, and won't cost you more than buying direct. Current software offered includes:

Microsoft 365 - Business Basics (per user) $9.90

Microsoft 365 - Business Standard (per user) $20.57

Microsoft 365 - Business Premium (per user) $36.19

Microsoft 365 - Apps for Business (per user) $14.30

Microsoft 365 - Exchange Online 1 (per user) $6.60

Microsoft 365 - Office 365 E3 (per user) $39.93

Malwarebytes Endpoint Detection & Response (PC) $8.25

Malwarebytes Endpoint Detection & Response (Server) $20.46

Adobe Acrobat Standard (per user) $22.00

ArcServe SAAS Backup for Microsoft 365 (per account) $5.50

ArcServe ShadowProtect with Cloud Backup (per computer) $107

Contact us if there is a software package not listed above that you'd be keen to see added.

(All prices include GST)



Often the computer and network systems that we take for granted as just working, eventually just stop. Of course, there's no way to guarantee this never happening, but there is a way to minimise the impact. Our Continuous Monitoring plan identifies many issues before they impact your business, which allows us to schedule the required maintenance at a convenient time. Included in this plan is ensuring updates are kept up-to-date and minimising the inconvenience of the niggly installation issues.

For just $88 per system per month you can have peace of mind.

  • Servers

  • Local Area Network

  • Storage Devices

  • Networked Video Security Systems

  • Backup/Antivirus Reports

  • Cloud Software Systems

We also offer to monitor individual computers for just $22 per computer per month.



If you're looking for a fixed price solution, where you can be confident to call and ask for help without wondering what it's going to cost, this is the plan for you. One flat monthly cost will include all monitoring inclusions, plus any troubleshooting, diagnostics or maintenance you may need. There are only 3 costs this would not cover - onsite callout fee, new equipment and setup costs (quoted individually), and repair costs for machines that are no longer fit for purpose. We want to be as up front with you as possible, so if you have a computer past its warranty period, but still functioning well, we'll happily cover it and any diagnostics. But if in diagnostics it is determined to be simply aging and no longer fit for purpose, you can then choose to replace it (we'll provide a quote) or repair it at our usual hourly rate (and move to monitoring only, or remove from monthly plans). 

Like our monitoring plans, the costs of this Fixed-Price Management Plan are quoted by system ($132 / system / month) and computer ($33 / computer / month).

This pricing is indicative and includes GST, and will give you a good idea what to expect. Of course, for any business we will tailor a package that sees your IT Priorities met - you might choose to manage some systems, monitor others and leave some for general services support. YOU are completely in control of how you'd like you IT support managed, and we can guide you through the process of creating your tailored package.


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