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Networked Security Cameras

Not a day goes by where we don't hear about situations where having security cameras would be beneficial. Many of our clients have benefitted from installing Networked Security Cameras that can be viewed from a monitor, phone or tablet.

Security Cameras

What are the Benefits of Security Cameras?

What are the benefits of security cameras for your business?

  • Deterring theft is the most obvious benefit

  • Work efficiency - statistically, staff are more likely to be diligent in their work if they think they are potentially being observed

  • Safety - being able to observe work practices and address any safety concerns before it becomes more serious

  • Event Records - some of our clients have saved thousands of dollars in Worker's Compensation claims when they've been able to look back at the video of what actually happened, and in replacement product costs when they could produce evidence that a product had been dispatched or collected

  • Quality Assurance - evidence of the quality of product leaving your workshop or factory will benefit both improved work practices, and support claims for damaged goods

We use only the best quality systems, and tailor a package for indoor or outdoor use as needed. 

Contact us for a personalised project proposal and quote.

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