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Network Projects

While we all like to think that our technology will just keep ticking over, sometimes it's important to invest in a project that extends network capability or improves network security. Technology is rapidly changing, and your business is also likely changing with it. In order for technology to continue to add value to your business, improving efficiency and work flow, it is also important to keep up with modern developments. 

Whether you are needing a new (or extension to) network, wanting to improve systems for your business, needing to replace aging technology, or even wanting to shift from using physical technology to integrating cloud technologies, we'd love to have a conversation with you. We'll work with you to identify your priorities, and develop a detailed, costed plan to see your business goals achieved.

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Whether you are trying to connect buildings across acres of land, or needing to establish a network that connects people throughout large industrial sheds, we have a solution for you. Our experience developing and extending networks in large, complex environments means we can work with you to create a plan that meets your business needs, while taking advantage of the best of today's technology. If you've got an idea, but don't know how to accomplish it, call us to arrange a detailed, costed plan that will help you accomplish your business goals.

Long Range Networks
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For many businesses, as older servers are nearing end of life, the question of whether to transition to cloud technology or replace the physical server becomes key. In most contexts, the move to cloud technology is both economically beneficial and provides superior security. The quality of your internet connection can be a key factor in this decision. 

If you have poor internet connection, are dealing with large file sizes or are needing a central network location for certain software applications, you will be looking at needing a physical server. However, how expensive this becomes depends on what you need. Physical server solutions can vary from a single central network location, similar to an extra computer, to an array of integrated servers that create a completely redundant system. A redundant array of integrated servers provides your business with peace of mind, knowing that even if there is a power outage or component failure, work can continue without impact or interruption while the issue is resolved.


We will work with you to determine your actual needs, and therefore the best server solution for your business.

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Many businesses use home grade internet routers to manage their network, supplied by their internet provider. With the sophistication of current security threats trying to steal customer data and your money, this is insufficient. Even those home systems that have some degree of protection are often slowed down significantly trying to deal with the barrage of threats coming against them. 

We work to identify any insufficiencies in your business system, and provide recommendations that will improve efficiency, security and your bottom line.


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