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IT Resolve is a trusted IT consulting company that provides scalable services to suit diverse business environments. We understand that when dealing with your business IT infrastructure, trust is a major element of any decision. We aim always to provide you with the flexibility you need, while always presenting recommendations that we believe to be in the best interest of your business. By taking the time to discuss these proposals, we ensure you feel comfortable to make informed decisions for the road forward. In doing this, we partner with you to see your business thrive.

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Managed Service Plans

Reliable, well maintained business servers and networking systems are pivotal to the efficient and effective running of your business.


At IT Resolve we understand that technology down time is costly to your business. Our Managed IT Service Plans are a proactive approach, minimising business interruption and ensuring your business systems are operating at their best. 

We offer tailored, scalable plans that are designed to fit your business needs, all rolled into one simple monthly payment. 

In your Managed IT Service Plan you may choose to include:

  • Continuous monitoring of server and network systems

  • Fixed price management of computers and network systems

  • Enterprise grade antivirus subscription

  • Business applications (MS365), backup and other software subscriptions

Not sure exactly what you might need? We offer a free 1hr initial consultation to discuss your business needs, accompanied by a costed proposal for your consideration.

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Network Projects

When networks are set up well and working properly, they are amazing for ensuring all our valuable technology tools are talking to each other and effectively integrated. Whether you are needing network access across acres of agricultural land, throughout industrial sheds or across complex office structures, we have the solution.


At IT Resolve we work to ensure all your technology tools are working together to enhance your experience, whether for home, educational or business purposes.


With extensive experience setting up, using, maintaining and troubleshooting wireless and wired connections, including long range and complex systems, we work with you to devise a networking solution that best meets your individual needs.

  • Long range wireless network bridging and coverage

  • Internet strengthening and extension, eliminating communication blackspots

  • Work from home and remote accessibility with different solutions

  • Virtual Private Network connections via the internet

  • Local Area Networks using wired and wireless technologies

  • Site-to-site connectivity

Click below or call us to book a phone appointment to discuss your needs.

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Networked Security Cameras

When you run a business productivity, safety and security are some of your highest concerns. Are your staff following Workplace Health and Safety guidelines? Is expensive equipment being stolen? Are your staff continuing to work diligently while not being watched?


At IT Resolve we understand that these are real concerns. Our clients with networked security cameras have enjoyed various benefits, including:

  • Lower WorkCover claims

  • Deterring crimes of 'convenience'

  • Being able to supply footage to police for investigation

  • Improved management from one central location

  • Increased productivity, with the ability to address any staffing concerns


Our experience includes installing scalable networked security systems in retail, agribusiness and industrial settings, including solar powered applications well away from any buildings.

Book an appointment today to discuss your business environment and needs.


Computer Hardware


Purchasing a computer or other hardware can be an overwhelming experience. Too often people end up with a machine way too powerful (and expensive) for what they need, or one that simply doesn't do the one primary function they needed it to.


Although we don't maintain a stock of hardware for sale, through our Australia-based suppliers we have access to a wide range of desktop computers, laptops, networking equipment, security cameras and more. This means we can get you the best price possible for exactly what you need. We can build in setup costs to your quote Contact us with what you're looking for, and we'll provide an obligation free quote.

Not sure what you need? Click on 'Find Out More' to see our computer purchasing guide.

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