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Managed Service Plans

Reliable, well maintained business servers (physical and virtual) and networking systems are pivotal to the efficient and effective running of your business.


At IT Resolve we understand that technology down time is costly to your business. We offer a range of services, including one-off repairs, monitoring and maintenance contracts, to suit your business and budget needs.


Over 20 years of experience in agribusiness, industrial and commercial settings across South East Queensland and the Darling Downs regions means we are well equipped and confident to quickly understand your business environment to provide sound advice and support across a range of technological areas.


Now based in Nambour, we provide on-site and remote support to businesses and professionals. With technical support offered both within business hours and after hours at no extra cost, you can be confident that our utmost priority is maintaining continuity of business function wherever possible, and minimising the impact of technical issues when it’s not, at an affordable price.

  • Set up and transfer to new and virtual server environments, including high availability systems

  • Tailored monthly maintenance contracts, a proactive approach to minimising down time and optimising performance

  • Diagnosis and repair of unexpected issues

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business technology support Sunshine Coast

Business Technology Optimisation

Whether your business is in the agricultural, industrial or commercial space, it is prudent to periodically review the use of technology. Some will find they are not investing enough, and subsequently the outdated systems are underperforming, or they are at risk of catastrophic failures. Others will find they are paying too much for what they get - and while it might have been the best option 3 years ago, it is not now.


Business IT security is changing faster than ever before, and as a result your business systems may have become vulnerable due to aged/unsupported technology without you noticing. Or worse, the systems you rely on most heavily could be at risk of what would appear a random failure, but that could have been anticipated if you'd known the true state of your technology.


As a business looking to optimise resources, it is wise to periodically review your business practice, particularly in your use of technology. There are so many wonderful resources available that can save you serious time and money, but having the time to analyse each option to make informed decisions can be difficult.

Whether you’re starting a new business venture, growing or shrinking a current business venture, or simply want to review and make sure you’re still getting the best value for money, IT Resolve can help.

  • Complete business technology review

  • Security audit that identifies any vulnerabilities, including a report with costed proposal for mitigating identified risks

  • Month-to-month licencing of software (potentially saving you thousands in upfront costs)

  • Tailored monitoring and maintenance contracts that minimise unexpected IT support costs

  • Business hours and after hours appointments and support available at no extra cost

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computer network support Sunshine Coast

Long Range and Complex Networks

When networks are set up well and working properly, they are amazing for ensuring all our valuable technology tools are talking to each other and effectively integrated. Whether you are needing network access across acres of agricultural land, throughout industrial sheds or across complex office structures, we have the solution


At IT Resolve we work to ensure all your technology tools are working together to enhance your experience, whether for home, educational or business purposes.


With extensive experience setting up, using, maintaining and troubleshooting wireless and wired connections, including long range and complex systems, we work with you to devise a networking solution that best meets your individual needs.

  • Long range wireless network bridging and coverage

  • Servers, computers, printers, scanners, phones, cameras

  • Wireless and wired connections

  • Work from home and remote accessibility with different solutions

  • Virtual Private Network connections via the internet

  • Local Area Networks using wired and wireless technologies

  • Site-to-site connectivity

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Business computer support and network security Sunshine Coast

Computer Troubleshooting

Computer running slow?

Doing some strange things since a forced update?

Or you have been locked out of your email account?


At IT Resolve we understand how frustrating it can be when technology doesn’t do what you expect it to, whether you are a home user, business employee or business owner.


With over 20 years of experience in the information technology industry, we work to promptly diagnose computer issues and develop a workable solution to get you back up and running as soon as possible.

Alternately, if you're looking for a check up for your computer (afterall, all machines need a tune up every once in a while), book a Computer Servicing appointment below


Operating both within business hours and after hours, you can be confident that we’ll be able to provide the IT support you need at a time that fits around your busy schedule.

  • Computer Diagnosis and Repair

  • Computer System Maintenance

  • Virus Removal and Protection

  • Data Backup and Recovery

  • Email Setup and Management

  • System Setup and Optimisation

  • Remote Support

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Working on Computer

Hardware and Subscription Services

Whether you are needing a new business computer, server, software and antivirus subscriptions, networking equipment or networked camera systems, we can provide you with the hardware, installation and support for years to come. Any monthly subscriptions get bundled together into one simple, itemised invoice each month - SIMPLE!


Computers: Click through to our shop page to order your new business or design computer or laptop. These deals are updated weekly to reflect the best value for money at the time. Can't find what you're looking for? Contact us with the details of what you need and we'll send you a quote to consider.


Antivirus: Over the years we've worked with many different antivirus programs. However, consistently it has been Malwarebytes End Point Protection that has outperformed in the business environment. We offer the option to pay monthly or annually, with a scalable system that allows your business to grow easily as needed. 

MS365 & Backup: Getting confused by your MS365 account? Need to know that you email is backed up... just in case? We can add these to your monthly bill so you know all your technology billing is coming from one trusted provider. 

Tailored Project: Got a networking or server project you'd like us to quote on? Or ideas that you really don't know how to make real? Book a phone appointment to discuss your goals, and we'll provide you with a costed plan to see it come to life.